I think people want an update.

For some reason this little blog of mine has been popular during my absence. That usually means it’s time for another post to update you on life as of late. I write this thing under the assumption that friends and family back home/around the world are interested in what the hell I’m doing with myself. Honestly, I have no freaking idea. But I’ll try in reign it all in for you and give you a glimpse as to what is going on.


Life is so good. Like so, so good. I’ve got this insane shit eating grin on my face about 95% of the time. 5% of the time I’m angry with traffic or people idling their car for 10 minutes at a time. I’ve got no tolerance for that stuff. Don’t even get me started on people that don’t recycle.


I’ve been having killer adventures on the weekends when I hang up my work persona (I try and be quasi professional sometimes). There is so much to see and do here and I’m taking advantage of every single hour of daylight possible.


I’ve found a pretty good version of myself since moving here. The best version I’d say.


Maybe you’ve been wondering in your own life what it would be like if you let go of all the other stuff. I’m here to tell you that it is healthy AF. If you let go of the people, places, things and situations that have held you back or have made you feel less than stellar, life will be really good. You just have to let it happen. And when you do, well that’s a whole new story that you have to tell people.

IMG_2815I’m likely writing this after too many drinks and far too many cheesy words running through my mind. And I’ve probably made my mom cry because she’s thinking “about god damn time, child of mine.” The truth is, I’ve been working towards this feeling for a while now. And it’s here. And what I do with it is going to be a fun mystery for all of us. It might be involve a few questionable decisions, like tattoo’s, late nights and 5lbs of candy.

I hope I eventually meet someone that is thinking long term about this place because this place is home. But then again, if you know me, I hate committing to anything for more than six months at a time. So let’s commit to nothing together shall we? Let’s commit to the idea of being happy but not knowing exactly what that is yet. And we’ll only do it until it doesn’t feel right anymore. Sound like a plan?


For now, you can find me dancing like nobody’s watching.

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